Rob Duncan Endorses Mike Geoghegan for Mayor of Victoria



VICTORIA, BC, October 10 - Dr. Rob Duncan, candidate for Mayor of Victoria, has withdrawn from the election campaign and endorsed candidate Mike Geoghegan.

“My primary motivation for running,” said Duncan, “has been Victoria’s housing crisis and the lack of policy addressing it, and Mike’s housing platform is remarkably similar to the one I’ve been promoting during the campaign.”

In addition, Geoghegan has agreed to adopt one of Duncan’s most important platform planks, creation of a municipal affordable childcare program for working low-income single-parent families.

“I see a close correspondence in terms of values between Mike Geoghegan’s campaign and the campaign I’ve been running,” Duncan explained, “and I’m confident Mike is a solid progressive candidate of the kind Victoria needs.”

“I’ve also been impressed that Mike Geoghegan has run a positive campaign that stands in stark contrast to the negative Republican-style campaign run by Stephen Hammond. As a dedicated anti-poverty activist for the past couple of decades, my conscience tells me that Stephen Hammond just doesn’t have the best interests of the community as a whole at heart. To me, it’s obvious that Mike is by far the best choice for Mayor of our city. I therefore ask all my supporters to vote for Mike Geoghegan for Mayor on October 20.”

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The 1.5% solution to affordable housing:

As the next Mayor of Victoria, B.C. I endorse the 1.5% Neighbourhood Affordability Solution, which sets targets to increase neighbourhoods’ housing supply by approximately 1.5% annually, to match the City’s population growth rate. This will ensure that more housing becomes available in residential areas.

A backgrounder prepared by Cities for Everyone is available here. Cities for Everyone is an independent community organization that educates and advocates for practical policy reforms that create more affordable, inclusive and sustainable communities. They support middle-income as well as lower-income affordability as do I.

-- Michael Geoghegan

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Press Release September 5th 2018

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September 4, 2018

Victoria, BC – Michael Geoghegan invites Victoria residents to attend his press conference to be held in the Premier’s Rose Garden on the grounds of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia where he will officially announce his running as mayoral candidate for Victoria.

Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Time: 10:00am to 10:45pm
Location: Premier’s Rose Garden – Legislative Assembly of British Columbia


During the announcement, Michael will provide his campaign speech at approximately 10am.

“I encourage everyone to join me in the beautiful Premier’s Rose Garden so that we can begin paving the way for a future where ALL hard-working taxpayers are respected and represented fairly!”, said Michael Geoghegan.

Following the press conference will be a meet and greet at the Vista 18 bistro, located on the top floor of the Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites, until noon.

“It is time to bring back fair representation, transparency, trust, and unbiased decision-making. Most importantly it is high time the divisiveness stops and inclusiveness is brought back to the members of our community”, stated Michael Geoghegan, candidate for Mayor of Victoria.

Attendees will receive a “Vote Big Mike” pin.

Guests Joining Michael will be a variety of supporters from various sectors in the Victoria Region.

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