Press Release September 10th 2018

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 10, 2018


Michael Geoghegan, mayoral candidate for the City of Victoria, responds to current mayor Lisa Helps’ campaign priority to lower speed limits on local neighbourhood streets from 50 km/h to 30 km/h.

“Drivers should not be punished by way of speeding tickets so that city hall has a guaranteed cash cow from unnatural traffic flow speed limits. This is why I ask if this unrealistic policy proposal is merely another way to create revenues to pay for the bike lane projects that have already cost taxpayers $14.4 million dollars! Will police hiding in bushes on the roadside waiting to ticket a driver going over 30 km be the best way to utilize the limited resources of our already stretched police force?

“Speed limits are set by the nationally recognized ‘85th percentile’ formula – the speed at which 85 percent of drivers travel, and on how the vast majority of people drive. I have read the post-installation report City of Victoria staff prepared in October 2016 after the reduction of speed limits in marked areas from 50 km to 40 km was implemented in December 2014. The report found that overall speed was down by 2% in the neighbourhoods with lower speed limits, however, on average folks were still driving above the posted limits. Further, pedestrian and cyclists accidents actually went up in some cases. So basically, the reductions had little or no affect.

“Why weren’t speed limits raised from 40 km to 45 km based on the data provided in the report to align with natural flow of traffic? Now Mayor Helps’ wants to reduce certain roadways from 50 km to 40 km to 30 km?

“As mayor, I would empower highway traffic safety engineers to conduct a thorough analysis and study of current speed limits throughout Victoria – this request would be unfettered by political influence. The study would identify what roads require an increase of speed that naturally reflects the flow of traffic, thus reducing congestion and speeding, while increasing safety. At the same time, the study would identify those roads where traffic calming could be implemented.

“Given the negative public sentiment from the installation of reduced speed limits in 2014, I am shocked that Mayor Helps would propose further reductions as her priority if re-elected.” said Michael Geoghegan.

Post-Installation Report Prepared by City of Victoria Engineering and Public Works Department – September 29, 2016: Link to Report

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Media Contact Mike Geoghegan, Candidate for Mayor of Victoria

Mike on Municipal Speed Limits

Press Release September 5th 2018

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September 4, 2018

Victoria, BC – Michael Geoghegan invites Victoria residents to attend his press conference to be held in the Premier’s Rose Garden on the grounds of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia where he will officially announce his running as mayoral candidate for Victoria.

Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Time: 10:00am to 10:45pm
Location: Premier’s Rose Garden – Legislative Assembly of British Columbia


During the announcement, Michael will provide his campaign speech at approximately 10am.

“I encourage everyone to join me in the beautiful Premier’s Rose Garden so that we can begin paving the way for a future where ALL hard-working taxpayers are respected and represented fairly!”, said Michael Geoghegan.

Following the press conference will be a meet and greet at the Vista 18 bistro, located on the top floor of the Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites, until noon.

“It is time to bring back fair representation, transparency, trust, and unbiased decision-making. Most importantly it is high time the divisiveness stops and inclusiveness is brought back to the members of our community”, stated Michael Geoghegan, candidate for Mayor of Victoria.

Attendees will receive a “Vote Big Mike” pin.

Guests Joining Michael will be a variety of supporters from various sectors in the Victoria Region.

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Media Contact
Mike Geoghegan, Candidate for Mayor of Victoria

another bad idea from the city of victoria

Sign of the Times

The City of Victoria has been making national news for all the wrong reasons and the majority of voters are fed up. Here is a recent litany of their boneheaded ideas and decisions. You no doubt have other examples, if so email me at [insert campaign email address] and don't forget to Vote Michael Geoghegan for Mayor on October 20th.

This is idiotic all the streets around the Crystal Pool are designated for residential parking only and are already jammed up. If the Crystal Pool is redeveloped it should include underground parking and affordable housing. By building up instead of out we can protect the adjacent park as well. Link

While the City of Victoria downsize, delay and/or deny every development application they receive the situation for students and other renters grows steadily worse. While our municipalities are held hostage to NIMBYism the BC Government could build 3000 to 5000 units of student housing at UVIC and Camosun. This would not only help students but also free up much needed rental accommodation in Saanich Victoria and Oak Bay. Link

This is how insane Victoria’s bureaucracy is: An SRO (single room occupancy) downtown purchased mail boxes for its tenants. Canada Post won’t deliver because they insist on the building having a license change. The city of Victoria won’t approve a license change until there is a full inspection of the building followed by a rezoning application; a process that in Victoria can take years and many thousands of dollars. All this just so tenants can get their mail securely delivered. So Canada post snottily returns the keys to the mailboxes and instead dumps the mail on the floor where anyone can steal it. Once again poor people’s lives are being made shittier by bureaucratic incompetence and indifference.

Up to 63 parking stalls could be lost along Dallas Road to make room for bike lanes. Hell no. Link

B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver is calling the decision by Victoria council to approve the sudden removal of the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald from in front of City Hall earlier this month “boneheaded”. Yes it certainly was. Link

Here are some great ideas that if I am elected I will implement:

It's called the 'dashboard' and it greatly simplifies finding out how your councillor or CRD director voted on every motion that's brought forward and decision made. In April 2016 Vancouver City Council instituted a Council Voting Dashboard, so that interested parties can examine the voting record on each item (either in favor, opposed, abstained, absent or in conflict of interest). It also lets voters know if the councillor showed up for the vote. Link

B.C. First Nation goes tiny in answer to housing needs. Solving the homelessness crises will not only require an end to NIMBYism throughout the CRD but working with local First Nations as well. Link

We need to get serious about banning all pesticides that are known to cause cancer and/or kill pollinating bees.