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"The reason I am running is straight forward: Housing. Forty years of NIMBYism has brought us to the point where in Victoria only the very wealthy can afford to live here, while an increasing number of people are living in our parks or in vehicles parked on side streets. With municipal taxes doubling every eight to ten years seniors on fixed incomes are being taxed out of their homes and young couples can’t afford anywhere in the city to raise a family."

-- Michael Geoghegan


Given the serious issues the City of Victoria is facing, it is imperative that we have a Mayor with a proven track record of being able to deliver. Here are just a few examples of the results Michael Geoghegan has helped his clients achieve over the years :

Seaspan Coastguard Construction Contract: Michael Geoghegan played a key role in helping Seaspan secure this work and in so doing helped secure the future of shipbuilding here in British Columbia: Link :

Historic Land Swap: As a consultant Michael Geoghegan worked for several years for the Beecher Bay First Nation. He also served for seven years on Langford's planning and zoning committee and has a great working relationship with both Chief Russ Chipps and Langford Mayor Stew Young. When Saanich threatened to scuttle this innovative win/win/win solution Mike Geoghegan assisted in ensuring its ratification: Link

Creation of the FNFA: Michael Geoghegan along with Tim Raybould successfully lobbied for the creation of the First Nations Finance Authority which was in turn based on the BC Municipal Finance Authority :


Michael Geoghegan has extensive connections at both the local, provincial and federal levels of government. Through his work with both CFAX and CTV News Channel as a regular political commentator Mike has earned national profile for his non partisan analysis of what is happening in both Victoria and Ottawa. Some of his many media appearances can be found here: http://www.mgcltd.ca/services/media.php#news


From helping to settle specific land claims, to getting the provincial government to increase MRI funding, to championing affordable housing as a human right Michael Geoghegan is an advocate with one consistent goal: to make things a bit fairer for everyone. As Mayor he will lobby for more funds from both BC and Ottawa to help ensure affordable housing for low income individuals and families. He will also reduce the municipal red tape burden to both small business owners and construction companies to help make the building of less expensive market housing possible. :

Almost 20 years ago Michael Geoghegan (who has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Victoria) and Bill Vigars wrote a report on the economic future of Vancouver Island. In that report Mike warned of the impact NIMBYism would have on the standard of living for Vancouver Island residents. Those results are now coming clear through rapidly escalating housing costs that are driving the middle class out of Victoria and leading to an ever growing homeless population. :